Is it over—

is it done, am I
complete, am I whole
did it all go well…
has this craving heart yearning
find peace at last, or a sliver a day—
expectations and faith reshapes
by the searing glory and pain
of vulva’s swell,
of sutures yield,
the capacity for us to mend,
to heal.

O’ brave heart
is there wholeness now;
divining the integrity of finality in labia’s spell?

adrienne ophelia

Instagram: @ophelias.eyes

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Mother’s gentle morning nudge

it was not, but my vision lifted

from medicated sleep to the tug of change.

I felt power in the cold wash of white light,

in the sound of my pulse,

in his hands manipulating my flesh like clay,

and I sought news from nameless eyes –

floating nameless eyes, their eyes

watching mine smile against arctic shivers

returning consciousness


adrienne ophelia
Instagram: @ophelias.eyes



I got nervous as they surrounded me.
Smiles of reassurance as they shepherd me into
Sweet sleep and shivering awakening. This day I dreamed for
longed for, hoped for when I am reborn and know wholeness
in the land of maple delights, and savory poutine, where self
was fully realized.

adrienne ophelia
Instagram: @ophelias.eyes