I got nervous as they surrounded me.
Smiles of reassurance as they shepherd me into
Sweet sleep and shivering awakening. This day I dreamed for
longed for, hoped for when I am reborn and know wholeness
in the land of maple delights, and savory poutine, where self
was fully realized.

adrienne ophelia
Instagram: @ophelias.eyes





Hello Montreal!
And the snow was white, the air crisp. Newness burgeoning, on the cusp, awaiting this thaw to unveil rebirth.

It’s bloody cold..


Resignation sowed deeply  in my brow.
Darkness mirrored darkness;
I had never been aware of the Ocean’s eyes –
Beckoning, and easing limbs like it were Novocain.
Its come hither gaze held promised power
To bring peace, end tumult bred by self-righteousness.

Salt water sprayed like moon shards,
And I breathed a yielding sigh.
I left my old life behind
Stepping off the cliff at River bay.
In the black brine my lungs ached,
My vision spun
But I didn’t seek an escape.
Surrendered to the roar,
To the upside down, round and round
Cacophony, and its bright lights.
There came peace, with it, stillness,
No more stones thrown my way but
Too soon was rest torn from me.
I burned from crown to painted toes.
My bones and nerves ablaze,
My pores steamed in a watery grave.
Entangled in moss, in plastic,
The corroding grime of human consumption
And dead sea turtles, I awakened
Thirsty for fear and life.

(Excerpt: reworking of a longer poem.)

adrienne ophelia
Instagram: @ophelias.eyes