cam02947My proudest accomplishment of 2016. I am looking forward to what the new year brings. I am looking forward to writing more, reading more, and supporting more as I’ve learned how blessed I am to have many in my corner.

Happy New Years to all!

Be safe but make it memorable xoxo



This posted piece is Smoke Break – from my book Pieces: An Anthology sold on Amazon, Createspace, Barnes ad Noble.

When I lost my mom to cancer I became slightly self destructive (maybe a lot so…). I smoked cigarettes back to back because I figured…what the hell! You do everything right like eat healthy, work out, take your vitamins, get your regular checkups, never smoked but still that awful C word barges into your world and does its worst. Sneaking off to smoke were times and moments I wondered why bad things happened to good people, beautiful souls. Focusing on writing quelled a lot of the anger I had but I still don’t have that answer. Does anyone?


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