Full, Round Belly

Excerpt of awarded poem, Transhood.

Full, round belly in eighty-six
Divined as girl by
Reading linea nigra
Like tea leaves in a bowl.
Soothsaying truths swathed in conundrums
And complication;
Fallacy for some
When the caul-less are proven
Both right and wrong
In a sweltering Bajan summer
When hunger pangs incite
Cou-cou cries and labour woes.

Christened XY and inducted
Into the fraternity of blue;
Harbouring XX ambitions
By formulating conditions
To get hands on a Barbie doll from Malibu.
Expressing a conflict in a world
Terrible shades of blue—
With my
Pink aspirations,
Pink motivations,
Floral dress fascinations;
Belonging to a race without name
Without face,
Without voice because, well, shame.

Five is not too young to epiphanize
But too young to navigate through
Mature waters for answers
And solutions to the riddle of—
Self that is chameleonized
To survive

adrienne ophelia


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